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10 February 2017

Greetings from Maritime Weekly, a newsletter published by Apex Group for Maritime World Services, a business advisory, executive search, and events management platform for the global maritime ecosystem. Our editorial board comprising reputed maritime, logistics, and media leaders curates key maritime news and analyses once a week, to support you in making informed decisions in the week ahead. Over 5000 senior executives and officials from the global maritime and logistics ecosystem benefit from the insights shared by Maritime Weekly.

What is topical this week

Trade Lanes-EU is open to a trade deal with South America post demise of TPP. Developing and developed nations have different perspectives on Free Trade. Major Japanese shipping lines have forecast reduced losses.

Maritime Infrastructure- Ports, waterways, and rail infrastructure would be a priority for the new US administration. Bolivia is looking for Indian participation in port and railway infrastructure projects. Abu Dhabi Ports is seeking to achieve 55% staffing by Emirati talent this year.

Multimodal Connectivity-Hamburg Port’s UNICONSULT is working to ease traffic in India collaborating on inland water vessels. To improve port connectivity, India’s Budget 2017 identifies 2000 kms of coastal roads. To maintain & upgrade network, privately owned US freight rail industry plans to spend USD 22 Bln.

Shipbuilding- Abu-Dhabi Shipbuilding and Strategic Marine are partnering to build aluminium vessels. Mitsubishi Heavy is exploring spinning off its shipbuilding arm. China Shipbuilding is upgrading the design of its floating nuclear powered platform.

Maritime Nation India 2017 -This week we are happy to welcome Port Strategy, UK as a media partner. Maritime Weekly had a conversation with Mr. Amitabh Verma, head of India’s Inland Waterways initiative, on future projects.

Maritime Capital- MSC’s port arm acquired Hanjin’s stake in US ports operator- Total Terminals International (TTI). Asian Development Bank is seeking a larger role in port and road projects in Myanmar. China is investing USD 600 Mln in Angola Deep Sea port.

People and Technology - India aims to power its major ports with renewable energy. Florida has successfully executed its first Ocean to Air Transshipment from Guatemala to Amsterdam. 17 US Blue Tech companies have been selected for the 2017 Maritime Technology Export Initiative.

Leisure and Cruise- Six Japanese ports are being upgraded to attract cruise liners. MSC Cruises and ARTA would be developing LNG bunkering for cruise ships. A team of experts have confirmed that India’s Vizag port has cruise potential.

Have a great week ahead.
The Maritime Weekly Editorial Board.

Global Maritime Trade

EU open to trade deal with South America, post demise of TPP
Bloomberg, 4 January, 2 minutes read
Following US withdrawal from TPP, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is supporting free-trade agreement between South American nations and the EU. Germany is also hosting a summit of Group of 20 leaders in July to discuss trade. Read More

Perspectives on Free Trade
Aljazeera, 3 February, 8 minute read
Free trade advocates the production of only the nation’s best products and importing the rest from other nations that specialise in its production. While it works in some scenarios, it may not be universally successful as “comparative advantage” assumes all entities to be static. Free trade can then only be practiced successfully by dominant nations and could be painful for countries that it is imposed upon. The need of the hour could then be investment in areas that can’t be outsourced: technology, physical and social infrastructure. Read More

Major Japanese shipping lines forecast reduced losses.
Maritime Herald, 1 February, 4 minutes read
Major Japanese shipping lines—NYK, MOL, and K Line have released their loss forecasts for the current financial year and these are lower than their previous forecast. MOL has reduced its net profit forecasts significantly indicating continued stress. The three companies have a planned a merger in April 2018 to tackle this crisis. Read More

Maritime Infrastructure

Ports, Waterways, and Rail infrastructure to be priority for the new US administration
SupplyChainDive, 30 January, 3 minutes read
The US administration under President Trump has released an initial list of 50 high-priority infrastructural projects with an investment of USD 137.5 Bln. 50% of the funding for these projects are expected from the private sector and includes 11 inland waterways, 3 rail projects, and 4 port projects accounting for 31% of the total investment. Read More

Bolivia seeks Indian participation in port and railway infrastructure projects
The Financial Express, 14 January, 3 minutes read
South American nation, Bolivia seeks Indian help in developing several infrastructural and water management projects, including participation of Indian companies for PPP projects. Bolivia is also looking at Peru for access to Pacific ocean and seeks Indian companies to help in port construction. Read More

Abu Dhabi Ports seek to achieve 55% staffing by Emirati talent this year
Hellenic Shipping, 2 February, 3 minutes read
Abu Dhabi Ports is participating at Tawdheef 2017 to attract Emirati talent to lead dynamic operations at its ports and industrial zones. The aim is to have 55% Emirati employees by the end of 2017. The company will unveil new job opportunities, training, and development program to attract the ambitious Emirati youth. Read More

Port Connectivity

Hamburg Port subsidiary, UNICONSULT works to ease traffic in India with inland water vessels
Hamburg Logistics , 02 February, 3 minutes read
With an aim to reduce the pressure on the road and rail network, the Inland Waterways Authority of India is collaborating with UNICONSULT and Hamburg Port Consulting to develop India’s potential of transportation by inland water vessels. Read More

India’s Budget 2017 identifies 2000 coastal roads to improve port connectivity
The Economic Times, 01 February, 2 minutes read
India’s Budget 2017 covers all modes of transport and has identified the development of 2000 kms of coastal roads to improve port connectivity. The government also plans to develop multi-modal logistics parks and facilities across the country. Read More

Privately owned US freight rail industry plans to spend USD 22 Bln
AJOT, 1 Feb, 3 minutes read
To maintain and upgrade America’s private rail network, US freight railroads have projected to spend USD 22 billion. The plan covers upgraded tracks and locomotives, and technological advancements to meet the demands and make the safe network safer. Read More


Abu-Dhabi Shipbuilding partners with Strategic Marine to build aluminium vessels
AJOT, 2 February, 2 minutes read
Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding (ADSB) and Strategic Marine have signed a MoU to create tenders for a variety of aluminium vessels. Strategic Marine’s world-class design and the placement of vessels on Abu Dhabi shipyard is aimed at attracting regional buyers. Read More

Mitsubishi Heavy exploring spinning off its shipbuilding arm
Marinelog , 3 February, 1 minute read
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) reported a loss of USD 2.2 Bln from the construction of larger passenger vessels and plans to discontinue the same. It is now looking to spin off its shipbuilding operations into a new company. A decision on this is expected by July. Read More

China Shipbuilding upgrading the design of its floating nuclear powered platform
The Maritime Executive, 30 January, 3 minutes read
China Shipbuilding Industry Corp is upgrading its floating nuclear power platform for a wider spectrum of applications, such as providing electricity to oilrigs or desalination plants The construction of China’s first Maritime nuclear power plant is expected by 2018 and it is expected to be operational by 2019. Read More

Maritime Nation India news

The Maritime Nation India initiative is presented by Maritime Weekly, a member of Apex Group. It is a think tank in the making and provides business advisory, executive search services, and conducts business events for the maritime and logistics ecosystem. The 2nd edition of Maritime Nation India is being held from the 14th to 16th September 2017. This 3-day international exhibition and conference provides a global platform for exhibitors and participants to explore business opportunities in the Indian Maritime Sector and is already receiving enquiries for participation from our readers.

This week we are happy to welcome Port strategy as our supporting media partner. Port strategy is a UK based leading monthly magazine and online resource published to meet the strategic information need of the maritime ecosystem.

Stay tuned to our newsletter to remain updated on key developments and events that Maritime Weekly supports.

Thought Leadership

Maritime Weekly recently had the opportunity to interact with Mr Amitabh Verma, IAS, Chairman, Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), on various initiatives taken for development of inland waterways in India. Excerpts…

IWAI plans to raise cargo movement up to 22 million tonnes by 2020 from current 7 million tonnes and develop 8 new waterways on rivers at a cost of USD 1.2 Bln. He emphasised on private participation in waterway transportation. Dalmia Cement, IFFCO – Paradip, and an importer of Palm Olein in North East have submitted a proposal to IWAI for the movement of goods through waterways. On Auto movement through waterways, he said that “Based on the last year experiment of Maruti, IWAI has ordered 3-decker car carriers from Germany’s DST to make the project economical and financial profitable” and automakers like Mahindra, Honda, Maruti and Hyundai have shown interest in this project. IWAI is gearing up to develop religious tourism in 17 cities like Kolkata, Murshidabad, Farakka, Buddhist Circuit in Patna, Bhagalpur, Debgarh, Varanasi to promote cruise tourism.

Maritime Capital

MSC arm acquires Hanjin’s stake in US ports operator Total Terminals International ( TTI)
Reuters, 1 February, 2 minutes read
The port arm of the World’s second largest shipping line MSC, has acquired 80% stake in the US ports operator Total Terminals International (TTI) from Hanjin. The remaining 20% will continue to be owned by Hyundai Merchant Marine. In the sale, TTI waived the USD 54.6 million debt owed by Hanjin. Read More

Asian Development Bank seeks larger role in port and road projects in Myanmar.
Nikkei Asian Review, 1 February, 4 minutes read
This is the first time ADB will serve as a strategic adviser to develop national infrastructure. The Asian Development Bank will act as an adviser to help Myanmar develop and modernize its transportation infrastructure—ports and roads. The papers for the same are expected to be signed this month. Read More

China investing USD 600 Mln in Angola Deep Sea port, 24 January, 1 minutes read
China Exim is lending USD 600 million to build a deep-sea port in the northern enclave of Cabinda, Angola. The first phase will have a 630-metre container terminal, ship-repair facilities, warehouses, power plant, and a free-trade zone. Read More

People & Technology

India aims to power its major ports with renewable energy, 2 February, 4 minutes read
The 12 major ports in India would use renewable sources of energy for power. This was initiated as a part of the governments Green Port Initiative. The process has been initiated with an investment of USD 104 million, with an aim to reduce the annual carbon dioxide emissions by 136, 500 tCO2e and the cost of power purchased. Read More

Florida conducts its first Ocean to Air Transshipment from Guatemala to Amsterdam
Maritime Logistics Professional, 7 January, 4 minutes read
A new ocean-to-air perishables transshipment program was implemented by Crowley, Customized Brokers, and Miami International Aiport (MIA) along with the USDA. Customized Brokers will transport ocean shipments of produce from Central America to Port Everglades, US which can then be transported to MIA and flown to the European and Asian markets. Read More

17 US Blue Tech companies selected for the 2017 Maritime Technology Export Initiative
Marine Technology, 3 February, 5 minutes read
17 US technology start-up companies from 9 states have been selected to participate in the first US Maritime Technology Export Initiative. They develop, manufacture, or sell a variety of maritime or ocean technologies and will seek to create partnerships with buyers and distributors in foreign markets. Read More

Leisure & Cruise

Six Japanese ports are being upgraded to attract cruise liners
The Japan Times, 1 February, 2 minute read
The Japanese transport ministry have identified six domestic ports that are to be upgraded to attract more cruise ships. The cruise ship operators will build the ports and in return will be given a priority to use the wharfs. The government has plans to upgrade more ports. Read More

MSC Cruises and ARTA would develop LNG bunkering for cruise ships.
Seatrade Cruise News, 1 February, 2 minutes read
MSC cruises and ARTA have teamed up to develop LNG bunkering for the LNG-powered cruise ships. The first two of the four 200,000 gt plus cruise ships being built by MSC cruises, at STX France, will be delivered by 2022 and 2024 respectively. Read More

India- A team of experts survey cruise potential at Vishakhapatnam Port.
Times of India, 24 January, 3 minutes read
Vizag port has immense cruise potential on various routes. Recently a team from the Ministry of Shipping, India, and an expert from Netherlands conducted a market survey, looked at the infrastructural gap, and other structural details to develop it into a cruise port. Read More

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