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23 June 2017

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Greetings from Maritime Weekly, a newsletter published by Apex Group for Maritime World Services, a business advisory, executive search, and events management platform for the global maritime ecosystem. Our editorial board comprising reputed maritime, logistics, and media leaders curates key maritime news and analysis once a week to support you in making informed decisions in the week ahead.Over 10,000 senior executives and officials from the global maritime and logistics ecosystem benefit from the insights shared by Maritime Weekly.

What is topical this week

Trade Lanes - Qatar’s recent challenges related to trade flows could alter future energy deals with Asian importers; China and Singapore would work together on global trade ties aligning with the belt-and-road initiative; The Maersk group has ventured into trade finance for its customers.

Maritime Infrastructure - DP world is in discussion for developing container and bulk terminals at Nigeria’s Lagos port; China’s Liaoning port group would integrate operations in its coastal ports; Indian major ports have doubled their profits in three years.

Multimodal Connectivity - India’s east Asia highway connecting Myanmar and Thailand is expected to be completed by 2020; The US is looking to improve inland waterways, to augment grain transportation; To improve cargo evacuation; Indian Port Rail Corporation would build 15 rail-bridges.

Shipbuilding - Japanese ship builders Mitsubishi and Oshima would form an alliance for commercial shipbuilding; A new shipbuilding policy is to be unveiled by India, targeting a growth upto USD 3 Bln by 2022; Huntington Ingalls shipyard has secured USD 3 bln order for amphibious craft for the US navy.

Maritime Nation India 2017 - This week, we are privileged to share that Maritime Nation India has received a letter of endorsement from The Minister of Commerce and Industry of India-Ms Nirmala Sitharaman. We are happy to also share that the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has confirmed participation in Maritime Nation India 2017

Maritime Capital - Egypt is finalising new investment laws to attract developments in its ports; The Indian government would invest USD 380 Bln in the improvement of multimodal connectivity; Strategic divestment of 26% in public holding of Shipping Corporation of India, is in the pipeline.

People and Technology - Ship to Ship LNG bunkering commenced in the port of Zeebrugge; Hutchison Ports would a implement terminal operations app at all its terminals worldwide; World’s first ice breaking LNG carrier is being deployed in western Siberia.

Leisure and Cruise - Cruise operators welcome the opportunity for continued services to Cuba; The world’s largest cruise ship floated out of the French shipyard STX; Five International cruise circuits could be launched from India.

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Global Maritime Trade

Qatar’s shipping challenges could hasten Asian spot LNG trade
Manila Bulletin, 14th June, 5 mins read
Qatar’s recent challenges related to trade flows, has the potential to shift LNG import deals from decade long agreements to a more active spot market for Japan and Asian importers. Upcoming deals, which are due for periodical reviews are expected to be renegotiated to align with improved flexibility for the energy importers. Read More

China and Singapore to work together on global trade ties
South China : Morning post, 14th June, 6 mins read
Singapore, which is strategically located on a major trade lane connecting South East Asian, South Asian and Middle East, has now agreed to cooperate and support through investment and infrastructure development to the belt-and-road initiative. Notwithstanding tensions regarding their respective positions in the South China Sea, Singapore and China have constructively come together to promote trade. Read More

World’s largest shipping line ventures into trade finance
Global Trade Review , 14thJune, 5 min read
The Maersk Group appears to be entering in an adjacent business, by providing pre-shipment and post shipment finance to its customers, without significant collateral though its digital platform. While, exporters and traders are expected to benefit from access to capital, in comparison with traditional sources of finance like banks, Maersk would benefit from the advantage of better risk and collateral management. Read More

Maritime Infrastructure

Global Port Operator DP World in talks for development of Nigeria’s Lagos Port
Journal of Commerce, 12th June, 5 mins read
DP World is in discussion with the Nigerian Port Authority(NPA) for developing Container and Bulk terminals at Lagos port. This could reduce cargo handling and vessel turnaround time and streamline port operations in Nigeria. Read More

China’s Liaoning Port Group to integrate operations at several coastal ports
Port Technology, 16th June, 4 mins read
Embracing current market trends of mergers and alliances, port and infrastructure players in Liaoning province are cooperating to reduce competition and enhance focussed development. This initiative could be a learning for other regional and port authorities, looking to mitigate against declining volumes and vessel-calls. Read More

India’s major ports have doubled their profits in 3 years
Times of India, 12th Jun, 5 mins read
Major ports of India have come around to register double operational profits, riding on the Govt’s systematic and operational initiatives, including ease of doing business. The projects to improve equipment utilisation and reduce turnaround times are also expected to contribute to attracting additional cargo to major ports. Read More

Port Connectivity

India-Myanmar-Thailand Highway to be completed by 2020
Times of India, 12th Jun, 6 mins read
Completion of this highway is expected to increase economic activity around north east Indian states, to Myanmar and all the way up to Thailand. Improved connectivity between Kolkata port, river ports and manufacturing clusters in Myanmar is also expected from this highway. This important trade lane would also help India compete with the China led Belt road initiative in Myanmar. Read More

US Looking to improve inland waterways for shipping grain
Illinois farmer Today, 14th Jun, 6 mins read.
USA to undertake concentrated, structured investments to develop inland waterways and multimodal connectivity with the objective of lowering grain transport costs. Cargoes like soyabean exports from Illinois would gain as the plan involves quick, safe and efficient connectivity to markets and gateway ports. Read More

Indian Port Rail Corporation ( IPRCL) would construct 15 bridges, to improve cargo evacuation
The Hindu Business Line, 12th Jun, 5mins read.
IPRCL, a firm formed under the Sagarmala Program, with objective of improving evacuation of port cargo, has taken up construction of rail-bridges to decongest the bottlenecks and open new intermodal trade lanes within the country. IPRCL is further planning JV’s with State Govt’s, Ports, and other stakeholders for projects concentrated on specific port rail connectivity developments Read More


Japanese Shipbuilders form an alliance for commercial shipbuilding
The Maritime Executive, 14th Jun, 5 mins read.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has reached an agreement with Oshima Shipbuilding Co. towards an alliance in the commercial ship building business. The partners would seek business synergy and target sustainable growth to strengthen business competitiveness in the global market, while also respecting mutual independence. The agreement will utilize the expertise of both companies, establishing a technical alliance to focus on development of new ship designs and technologies, standardization of design and construction, and efficient shared use of tools and equipment.Read More

Indian government to unveil shipbuilding policy to enable industry growth to USD 3 Bln by 2022
The Economic Times, 15th Jun, 4 mins read
The new policy soon to be unveiled, would encourage indigenously built vessels, for coastal and inland shipping requirements. This would generate orders for the indigenous shipbuilding industry. The policy is expected to support India becoming a hub for specialised ships, built to carry LPG, LNG, Chemicals and passengers. Read More

Huntington Ingalls Shipyard wins USD 3 Bln Navy order to design and build amphibious launch ship
ABC News, 17thJun, 4 mins read
Huntington Ingalls shipyard has secured the contract from US navy for designing and building an amphibious craft at its Mississippi shipyard. This shows the US Navy’s interests in developing their fleet with versatile crafts and a chance for other shipyards to enhance their businesses. Read More

Maritime Nation India news

FFFAI, supported by Ministry of Commerce, organised International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC)International Conference at Maritime Nation India

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The Maritime Nation India initiative is presented by Maritime Weekly, a member of Apex Group. It is a think tank in the making and provides business advisory, executive search services, and conducts tradeshows for the maritime and logistics ecosystem.

The 2nd edition of Maritime Nation India is being held from 14th to 16th September 2017. The 3-day international tradeshow will provide a unique global platform for exhibitors and participants to explore business opportunities in the Indian Maritime and logistics Sector.

We are happy to share that the Tradeshow has already received endorsement letters from India’s Minister of Shipping and Ports, Railways, DG Shipping and Federation of Import and Export Organisations (FIEO).Confirmed exhibitors include a Major European port, several Indian ports, terminals, forwarders, shipping lines, container train operators, ship-builders, ship-repairers, cruise operators and technology providers…

This week, we are privileged to share that Maritime Nation India 2017 received a letter of endorsement from Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Commerce and Industry, India. The department of Commerce regulates, develops and promotes India’s international trade and commerce and the department of Industry formulates and implements promotional and developmental measures for growth of the industrial sector in India. In her message the minister has expressed the ‘…hope this event will significantly contribute in projecting the opportunities of investment and collaboration among exporters, importers and the maritime and logistics ecosystem’

We are happy to also share that The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has confirmed participation in Maritime Nation India 2017. The IWAI develops and regulates India’s inland waterways for shipping and navigation and undertakes projects for the development and maintenance of IWT infrastructure on national waterways. We look forward to welcoming IWAI at the tradeshow and benefitting from a good interaction on multi-modal connectivity.

Stay tuned to our newsletter to remain updated on key developments and events that MaritimeWeekly supports.

Maritime Capital

Egypt to finalise new investment laws to attract investments in ports
Port Finance International, 19th June, 5 mins read.
Laws pertaining to the governance of the general authority for investments and free zones(GAFI) are under review and are undergoing renewal by the Egyptian Govt by encouraging investors to develop ports and the supporting infrastructure. This is expected to increase import and exports as well. Read More

Indian government to invest over USD 380 Bln on inland waterways, port, road and rail connectivity
The Economic Times , 10th Jun, 6 mins read
To accelerate economic development and facilitate cost effective transportation of raw materials and cargo for imports and exports, a structured investment program is being carried out by the Indian Govt on inland waterways, ports and multimodal connectivity projects. India’s continued interest in development and functionalizing of the Chabahar port in Iran, supplements the measures taken towards implementation of INSTC. Read More

Strategic divestment of 26 % proposed for government holding in the Shipping Corporation of India
The Hellenic Shipping News, 15th June, 6 mins read.
Disinvestment of India’s national shipping line, could be an opportunity for stakeholders to capitalize on its diverse clientele worldwide and benefit from the preference given to Indian carriers by the public sector undertakings ( PSUs) and gain foothold in the domestic circuit. The decision on 26% stake in Shipping Corporation Of India ( SCI ) appears to be in line with the budgeted strategic sale of PSU’s. Read More

People & Technology

Ship to ship LNG bunkering commences in port of Zeebrugge
Maritime Logistics Professional, 14th June, 4 mins read.
With the shipping industry and environmental regulations moving towards cleaner and efficient fuels, LNG appears to be one favoured option by the owners and engine manufacturers alike. Commencement of safe LNG bunkering in the traditional fashion, that is from a barge to an ocean going vessel, without delaying the cargo operations also proves the commercial viability of the initiative. Read More

Hutchison Ports to implement terminal operations app, at all its terminals worldwide.
Port Technology, 19th Jun, 5 mins read
With a view to increase operational efficiency, Hutchison ports has developed an app (UBI) to integrate landside operations as well to water and quay side. Smart implementation of technology, including for the mass port users like truckers, can augment supply chain productivity. Read More

World’s first ice breaking LNG carrier to be deployed in western Siberia
Maritime Logistics Professional, 06th Jun, 5 mins read
The deployment of a new Ice class LNG carrier marks the progress of Russia’s Yamal project to promote energy trade from its Siberian region. This utilizes the cost efficiencies from the use of the Artic sea route, to trade with Asia, in the northern summer season. An evolving and efficient trade lane, through the Artic could contribute to efficiencies in the global supply chain. Read More

Leisure & Cruise

Cruise lines welcome the opportunity for continuing services to Cuba
Seatrade Cruise News, 16th June, 6 mins read
Amidst volatile foreign relations and policy environment, the continuation of cruise as an approved category of travel to Cuba from USA, would enable cruise companies to continue servicing the Cuban tourism market. This also provides an opportunity to the cruise industry to develop new themes and offers, involving Cuban excursions in line with the new rules, envisaged by US Govt.Read More

World’s largest cruise ship floats out of STX shipyard in France
Space Coast Daily, 15th June, 5 mins read.
The demand for new, innovative and grand cruise experiences by passengers worldwide has perhaps led to building of the worlds largest cruise ship by the Royal Carribean, which floated out of the STX shipyard in France recently. This could also provide more options to tour operators to diversify their cruise offerings and make it affordable for passengers. Read More

5 international cruise circuits could be launched from India
Hindustan Times, 12th Jun, 5 mins read.
The development of five international cruise circuits from India could be a game changer in the Indian tourism industry. It would provide great potential for development of the cruise industry and make more options available to the Indian consumers and tour operators. Further, this may also generate considerable employment in the support, operation and management of cruise ships and terminals.Read More

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