5 Ways to Benefit from a Mentor

Are you a Start-up Founder or a Business Owner, trying to tackle several business problems simultaneously?

You are probably trying to connect with investors, secure clients, partners, attract and retain talent, in an unpredictable post Covid-19 market .

Or, are you a Corporate Executive or professional now looking to transition to full-time entrepreneurship in the post Covid-19 world?

As more data points and projections emerge around limited to broad re-opening of lock-down , many new and transformed businesses appear to be taking shape in the low-touch, more digital and caring economy.

Innovative founders and owners are experimenting new ways to reach the consumer. Attract and engage employees. Create stakeholder and societal value. They can benefit from encouragement and support to think and execute new strategies, in pursuance of conscious capitalism

As I reminisce in my book, Achieving Success by Failing More, most ideas need time to crystallize. This time can be called an incubation period. This period is important because, it allows your hunches to connect with other people’s hunches. A mentor can be sounding board to help crystallize your hunches. Read More