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11 November 2016

Greetings from Maritime Weekly, a newsletter published by Apex Group for Maritime World Services, a research, executive search, and events management platform for the global maritime ecosystem. Our editorial board comprising reputed maritime, logistics, and media leaders curates key maritime news and analyses once a week, to support you in making informed decisions in the week ahead.

What is topical this week

Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement is making progress and Israel’s Zim Line is likely to divest its global shipping operations. The gap between the shipping capacity and demand continues to increase.

Six new mega ports are expected to be developed in India under the Sagarmala project and INTELS would collaborate with Nigerian Port Authority to build Africa’s largest port. A group of ministers from the Indian states are working out a strategy, to improve infrastructure.

Indian coastal economic zones are expected to get 10-year tax exemptions and inland waterways and coastal shipping are growing in India.

In the shipbuilding section we bring you an article on the capacity planning and the National Institute for Shipping and Shipbuilding (UK) aims to help designing and building ships completely 3D printed by 2050.

In Maritime Nation India news, we already have good early interest in Maritime Nation India 14-16 September 2017 and this week we are happy to welcome Mr S.M. Rai, Former Director (Technical), Indian National Ship-owners Association (INSA) as an Honorary Advisor to the Maritime Nation India, initiative.

With the 500 million USD investments, the Liverpool container terminal is officially opened and Germany is investing in Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port.

Environmental Premium Ranking system has been launched at Panama Canal and under the Sagarmala project, Indian shipping ministry would back ship-recycling training program.

Royal Caribbean International’s three biggest cruise ships in the world sailed together for the first time and cruise tourism is growing in South Africa.

Have a great week ahead.
The Maritime Weekly Editorial Board.

Global Maritime Trade

Australia and Indonesia pursue conclusion of trade deal
REUTERS, 6 November, 7 minutes read
The trade ministers continued negotiations on the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Indonesia is Southeast-Asia's largest economy and Australia expects greater access to Indonesian markets for its live-cattle exports, agricultural products, tourism and investment.

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Israel’s Zim Line looking to divest most of its shipping operations.
The Wall Street Journal, 4 November, 8 Minutes read
Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., Israel’s biggest shipping company, is exploring to sale its global container network while holding onto the ships for Mediterranean trades. Zim reported a second-quarter loss of 74.2 million USD in October-2016.

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Capacity-demand mismatches remain for the shipping sector
The Wall Street Journal, 2 November, 10 Minutes read
The gap between the shipping capacity and the demand is 7% today. As per a consulting firm, this gap is expected to be in the range of 8.2%-13.8% in 2020. The overcapacity would grow which shows that the shipping industry has not adjusted to a slowdown and shipyards are holding excess capacity.

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Maritime Infrastructure

6 new ports expected to be developed in India under the Sagarmala programme
First Post, 1 November, 10 minutes read
Ministry of Shipping has cleared six new mega ports to be built under the Sagarmala Project. As per the National Perspective Plan (NPP), the ports are likely to come up at Sagar in West Bengal, Paradip Outer Harbour in Odisha, Enayam in Tamil Nadu, Vadhavan in Maharashtra, one, either in Machilipatinam or Vodarevu in Andhra Pradesh and one, either in Cuddalore or Shikazhi, in Tamil Nadu. These ports are expected to enhance India’s cargo handling capacity by 466 million tonnes per year.

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INTELS partners with Nigerian Port Authority to build Africa’s largest port.
The Whistler, 2 November, 8 minutes read
Integrated Logistics Services (INTELS) in collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA) has commenced the construction of the port in Badagry, Lagos State. It is expected to be the largest port in Africa.

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Indian states to deliberate on ways to improve infrastructure
The Economic Times, 6 November, 10 minutes read
A group of ministers from Indian states are expected to deliberate and chalk out strategy on improving Infrastructure. The discussions would also consider issues of all India authorisation of tourist bus permits and seamless transfer of registration of vehicles from one state to another.

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Port Connectivity

Indian coastal economic zones may get 10 year tax exemptions
Business Standard, 7 November, 10 minutes read
The first two Coastal Economic Zones(CEZs) are expected to come up in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. The budget for 2017-18 is likely to provide a 10-year corporation tax exemption to the manufacturing units located in the CEZs. The CEZs would be modelled along the lines of China’s Shenzhen and Guangzhou areas.

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Inland waterways and coastal shipping growing in India
Business Standard, 5 November, 8 minutes read
Transportation through inland waterways and coastal shipping offer advantages. In August 2016, Maruti Suzuki signed a pact for transportation through inland waterways. This was followed by Mahindra & Mahindra and Honda, which are in talks with the government for water transport.

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Shipbuilding capacity planning challenges reviewed
Marine Link, 7 November, 8 minutes read
A parameter for shipbuilding capacity is the ‘lead time’. In stronger markets, it increases between ordering and delivery and in weaker markets, it drops. As per Clarksons Research, to measure it is to examine the data and take the averages. The ClarkSea Index surged to 40,000 USD/day in the boom of the 2000s and after the financial crisis, the ClarkSea Index is below 12,000 USD/day in this decade so far.

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Shipbuilding to go the 3D Printing way by 2050
Maritime Journal, 4 November, 5 minutes read
As per the National Institute for Shipping and Shipbuilding (NISS), many parts of a ship could be 3D printed by 2050 and digitalisation, robotization with 3D printing would renew the maritime sector. The institute has developed a blueprint for the sector.

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Maritime Nation India news

Maritime World Services conducts South Asia’s leading exhibition and conference for the maritime and logistics ecosystem: Maritime Nation India. This event was held for the first time in New Bombay and was very well received by over 2000 visitors and over 40 exhibitors. Maritime Nation India 2016 featured twelve conferences over three days. These included seven conferences around each of the seven maritime and logistics segments, also covered in this newsletter and five conferences leveraging the event as a platform, conducted by industry associations and the maritime & logistics community on key themes including: Goods & Service Tax (GST), Single Window Implementation for exports & imports etc.

Some of the highlights of the conference were the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC)International Conference 2016, conducted by the Federation of Freight Forwarders of India (FFFAI) and a session on Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), conducted by the Indian Merch6nats Chambers (IMC)..
Maritime Nation India 2016 had participants from 10 countries and over 60 speakers from the government and from the industry and promises to continue to ‘help the maritime ecosystem achieve more’.

We are happy to announce that Maritime Nation India 14-16 September 2017 has already started gaining momentum and industry stalwarts have confirmed their continued participation for 2017.

This week we are happy to welcome Mr S.M. Rai as an Honorary Advisor to Maritime Nation India. Mr Rai has over 5 decades of experience in the maritime industry, continues to be on several committees and panels assisting the Indian administration & the government, Classification of societies and the maritime sector including for technical issues at IMO and ILO. In his last assignment, he was the Director (Technical) from INSA


We will keep the readers updated on key developments and events that Maritime Weekly supports.

Maritime Capital

Liverpool container terminal investment by Peel Ports, officially open
Port Strategy, 4 November, 7 minutes read
The terminal is expected to provide a state-of-the-art ocean gateway for importers-exporters of UK to link directly to the UK mainland. The 500 million USD investment by Peel Ports at the port of Liverpool is expected to create 5,000 jobs, stimulate growth and help to rebalance UK economy.

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Germany to invest in Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Port
Hellenic Shipping News, 3 November, 7 minutes read
Iran has signed a contract with a German firm for development of Shahid Rajaee Port. A tender had been invited to expand the port in the south of Iran and a German company won the contract, worth 115 million USD.

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People & Technology

Panama Canal launches Environmental Premium Ranking to encourage cleaner shipping
Maritime Logistics, 1 November, 8 minutes read
This new initiative would reward the customers who meet high environmental efficiency standards. It allows customers the opportunity to improve their position within the Ranking System. The incentives would be effective for transits beginning from January 1, 2017. Participation is optional.

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India backs ship recycling training program under the National Perspective Plan
Maritime Logistics, 3 November, 7 minutes read
In India, about 350 ships are recycled generating 3 million MT of steel annually. As a part of Coastal Community Development Program under Sagarmala, shipping ministry has sanctioned 1.5 million USD to the Gujarat Maritime Board for capacity building and safety training of 20,000 workers at Alang-Sosiya recycling yard in Gujarat. The Alang-Sosiya Recycling yard is the largest in Asia.

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Leisure & Cruise

3 Biggest cruise ships of the world sail together for the first time
The Telegraph News, 5 November, 5 minutes read
Royal Caribbean International's Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and the Harmony of the Seas sailed together on latter’s arrival at Port Everglades. The three cruise ships are the largest in the world with Harmony of the Seas as the first. Each ship has over 2,747 rooms and can berth between 6,700 and 7,148 passengers.

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Cruise Tourism growing in South Africa
IOL News, 2 November, 6 minutes read
The Durban cruise market had grown from 81 800 passengers 10 years ago to 145 000 in the last season. The cruise tourism sector enhanced South Africa’s economic development despite tough economic times.

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