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9 September 2016

Greetings from Maritime Weekly, a newsletter published by Maritime World Services, a research, executive search, and events management platform for the global maritime ecosystem. Our editorial board comprising reputed maritime, logistics, and media leaders curates key maritime news and analyses once a week, to support you in making informed decisions in the week ahead.

What is topical this week

At the recent G-20 summit in China, leaders stressed the need for inclusive growth along with free and fair trade. South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping is expected to file for court protection in 10 countries.

Subdued activity in the US ports indicates altered supply chains of retailers as more customers shop online. The Enayam transshipment port in Tamil Nadu, India would be built on the reclaimed land.

In line with the India’s Sagarmala program, financial assistance to ports have been increased to cover 50% of the development cost and, 173 projects of port-modernization, connectivity, port-led industrialization are expected to be completed by 2020. The Laos-China rail-project could connect ASEAN countries and operationalization of an agreement among Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Nepal for road transportation is expected to create a seamless market.

By pooling resources, the emerging Japanese shipbuilding alliance would compete well with Korean and Chinese shipbuilding rivals. Two shipbuilding clusters are planned under the Indian Sagarmala Program.

In MNI 2016 news, this week we are happy to welcome:
Mr Naval Sabharwal, Global Head, Supply Chain & Logistics, Ramco Systems to the session on ‘Collaborating to increase efficiency and velocity in the Maritime Ecosystem- Automation & Training’.

We are also happy to inform that the Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) would be conducting a seminar for their members at the venue of Maritime Nation India 2016 on 20 Sep 2016

DP World has signed a MoU to invest in ports, special economic zones and logistics centers in Russia and Ghana’s Tema Port Expansion Project has secured financing arrangements.

Automation of Nigerian ports is expected to boost revenues for the government and with automation and availability of high bandwidth; a future unmanned ship is being explored by operators.

The Greek cruise industry could benefit from the growth in Asian cruise tourism and with implementation of new policy decisions; cruise tourism is on rise in India.

Maritime Weekly invites all our readers to the inauguration of Maritime Nation India 2016 at 10 am on 20 Sep at the CIDCO International Exhibition Centre at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Since the editorial team would be engaged in interactions with the readers at Maritime Nation India 20-22 Sep 2016, there would be no weekly newsletter on 23 rd September.

Have a great week ahead.
The Maritime Weekly Editorial Board.

Global Maritime Trade

Trade is a key theme of the G-20 Summit in China
Chicago tribune, 4 September, 24 minutes read
The G-20 summit in China opened with a call for economic growth and reforms in global financial and economic management and to build an open world economy. In the light of WTO’s forecast of global trade growth below 3% for the fifth year, the leaders at G-20 stressed inclusive growth and free and fair trade.

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Hanjin Shipping to file for court protection in several countries
The Wall Street Journal, 5 September, 22 minutes read
South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co. could file for court protection in about 10 countries to protect its ships and other assets from being seized by creditors. Several Hanjin ships have been seized by creditors or turned away from ports, with terminals refusing to work with the company’s cargo for fear non-realization of payments.

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Maritime Infrastructure

US Ports reflect the altered supply chain.
The Wall Street Journal, 29 August, 24 minutes read
Subdued activity in the US ports indicates changing supply chains of retailers as more customers shop online. It is the second year without the peak. This resulted in the transport sector facing the challenges and shipping lines are scrapping vessels on unprofitable routes. Market analysts term it as a new normal.

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India’s Mega transhipment port to be built on reclaimed land in Tamil Nadu
The Financial Express, 2 September, 19 minutes read
The proposed mega transshipment port, Enayam in Tamil Nadu would be built on reclaimed land as planned by the Indian Shipping ministry. This will eliminate the requirement of major land acquisition except for road connectivity. Presently, 25% of India’s container cargo is transshipped to other ports and is a loss for the trade, ports and exporters. Transshipment port, Enayam is expected to fulfill this need.

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Port Connectivity

India-Coastal shipping assistance scheme enlarged
NetIndian, 30 august, 16 minutes read
The financial assistance under the revised scheme would be up to 50% of the cost of the project, subject to the guidelines. The balance cost will to be borne by the port or the state government. The scheme is in line with the India’s Sagarmala program, aims to create better infrastructure and promoting coastal shipping.

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India to complete 173 projects on port modernisation, connectivity and port-led development by 2020
The Economic times, 2 September, 8 minutes read
Through India’s Sagarmala program, 173 projects of port-modernization, connectivity and port-led industrialization would be completed by 2020. With the total cost of 60 billion USD, the project is expected to create 10 million jobs and increase shipping volumes five times above the current volumes.

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Laos-China rail link to connect ASEAN countries
IDN-InDepthNews, 4 September, 29 minutes read
The Laos-China project, expected to be the game-changer, is a 427 km railway built by China which will have 72 tunnels and 127 bridges. The project is expected to provide infrastructure benefits to Laos and support its vision to transform itself from a landlocked to a land-linked country with other ASEAN member countries.

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Road transportation-connecting Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Nepal.
Business Standard, 5 September, 17 minutes read
The Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA) among Bangladesh, India, Bhutan and Nepal for seamless movements, allows trucks to cross borders with a manifest and a document. The transportation across the border would be monitored in real-time using a tracking chip. The MVA is part of the $8-billion road connectivity project, expected to create a seamless market for these countries.

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Japanese shipbuilding alliance to effectively compete with Korean and Chinese Shipbuilding
MarineLink, 5 September, 8 minutes read
Japanese shipbuilders and industries are negotiating to form an alliance. The alliance aims to pool the resources to compete effectively with the Chinese and Korean rivals. If successful, the alliance is expected to create the second-largest tonnages, next to the world’s No.1 shipbuilder, Hyundai Heavy Industries, of Korea.

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India’s shipping ministry plans maritime clusters in Tamilnadu and Gujarat
The Hindu, 4 September, 7 minutes read
Kamarajar port of Tamilnadu and Hajira port of Gujarat have been chosen for development as the maritime clusters. Under the Sagarmala Program, maritime clusters would promote ship building, ancillary services, maritime services, tourism and maritime products. The clusters are expected to cut costs and enable competitive trades.

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Maritime Nation India 20-22 September 2016 news

Maritime Nation India September 20-22, 2016 has already received support from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Minister of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping , India. We acknowledge the wholehearted support from Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), Mumbai and Nava-sheva Ship Agents Association (MANSA), Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations of India (FFFAI), Indian National Ship-owners Association (INSA), The Indian Private Ports and Terminals Association (IPPTA), The Association of Multi-modal operators of India (AMTOI) , Indian merchant chamber (IMC), Brihanmumbai Custom House Agents’ Association (BCHAA), Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI) , Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Shipyards Association of India (SAI).

The Federation of Freight Forwarders Association in India ( FFFAI) is organising the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) - International Conference- India 2016 at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Navi Mumbai on 21 Sep 2016 in collaboration with Maritime World Services, who are organising Maritime Nation India 2016, International Conference and Exhibition at the same venue.

This week we are happy to welcome our new speaker:

Mr Naval Sabharwal will be participating in the panel discussion on: ‘Collaborating to increase efficiency and velocity in the Maritime Ecosystem- Automation & Training’. Mr. Sabharwal has a vast experience in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, strategy, operations, team and material management, 3PL solutions and transportation. Mr Sabharwal is the Global Head, Supply Chain & Logistics, Ramco Systems.
Ramco Systems is a pioneer in designing, building and delivering world class cutting edge technology solutions for the Logistics Industry


We are also happy to share that the Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) would be conducting a seminar for their members at the venue of Maritime Nation India 2016 on 20 Sep 2016
The principal objectives of CMMI are to promote seafaring and enhance professional knowledge by arranging regular lectures, execute surveys and research on shipping and create a support group ashore for seafarers at sea.


Maritime Weekly invites all our readers to the inauguration of Maritime Nation India 2016 at 10 am on 20 Sep at the CIDCO International Exhibition Centre at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

We will keep the readers updated on key developments and events that Maritime Weekly supports.

Maritime Capital

DP World to invest in ports , SEZs and inland logistics in Russia
SeaTrade MaritmeNews, 4 September, 10 minutes read
Global terminal operator, DP World has signed a MoU with the Summa Group, a diversified private holding company to explore investment opportunities in ports, special economic zones and logistics centers in Russia. DP World operates a network of 77 marine and inland terminals across six continents.

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Ghana- Financing secured for Tema Port Expansion Project
Graphic Online, 3 September, 21 minutes read
Meridian Port Services (MPS) has secured the finance for the Tema Port Expansion Project to develop an ultra-modern state-of-the-art port facility at Ghana. The project valued at 1.5 billion USD includes a package from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

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People & Technology

Nigerian port’s automation to drive government revenue
Nigeria today, 5 September, 23 minutes read
The Nigerian government plans to digitize and automate the Nigerian ports. The move is expected to align with ports in other countries, reduce clearing time, encourage transparency and boost revenue. The reforms included automatic tracking, identification and monitoring of vessels with consolidation of control centers.

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Ship operators exploring autonomous sailing
The Wall Street Journal, 31 August, 28 minutes read
In the age of driverless cars, autonomous operations are being explored by ship operators. With automation and availability of high bandwidth now, a future unmanned ship could be like the most advanced drone. It would be equipped with infrared detectors, high-resolution cameras and laser sensors to monitor the surroundings. The vast data would be transmitted to command centers where the staff monitors the progress and operations.

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Leisure & Cruise

Growth in Asian cruise tourism market to benefit cruise industry in Greece
Greek Reporter, 30 August, 5 minutes read
The Asian market has grown in terms of cruise passengers; this could benefit the Greek cruise industry which has declined due to geopolitical instability and ongoing migrant crisis. China’s ‘Cosco Shipping Ports’ acquired Piraeus Port, which is expected to develop cruise tourism and construction of a new airport in Kastelli in Crete that is close to the destinations preferred by Asian cruise tourists.

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Cruise lines dropping anchor at Mumbai port almost doubles
Dna, 3 September, 14 minutes read
With recent policy initiatives, cruise tourism is on the rise, particularly in Mumbai. The number of cruise lines touching Indian shores has increased in the last couple of years. 59 ships will berth at Mumbai Terminal this year against 37 last year and in the next year; it is expected to cross 80 cruise ships.

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